Upgrade Your Home Office With These Ergonomic Black Friday Deals

Are you still working from home hunched over your laptop at the kitchen table? You’re not alone – we found that over 70% of home workers use a laptop, and many don’t have an external monitor or laptop stand.

It may be that you don’t want to buy yourself home office equipment on Black Friday and need a break – fair enough – but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to get your home workplace kitted out with a few cheap items that can really help alleviate stress, back pain, eye strain, poor posture, and other health problems for home workers.

Essential items for those STILL using just their laptop to WFH

Keyboards laptop riser sets – get your screen at eye level

Alternatively get a second monitor and reduce eye strain, make multitasking, visual projects, spreadsheets easier

  • Samsung CR50 Curved Monitor – 148.99 – 17% OFF – This curved monitor is comfort focused to reduce eye strain. Also has “eye saver mode” with a blue light filter
  • Dell “ComfortView” Monitor – 119.99 – 25% OFF – Flat monitor but is designed for comfort – “comfortview”, flicker-free, anti-glare

More items to upgrade your work environment

Achy wrist and shoulder? A trackball could help

Sitting on a dining chair, the sofa, the floor? Get an office chair

Foot rests, lumbar support, cushions

Other Black Friday sales for ergonomics, posture, home office

Other ideas to add to your basket that will improve your work environment

  • Lighting
  • Air purifiers
  • Speakers
  • A decent headset/mic for better zoom calls