Best Vertical Mouse (UK): Anker vs Evoluent vs 3M Designs Reviewed

You’ve made the right decision to buy an ergonomic mouse, but now you have to decide which mouse to buy. A common choice people have is between Anker models and Evoluent mice, because these are often the two top selling brands of vertical mouse on Amazon.

In this short guide I want to provide a useful comparison between these models and help you make a decision so you can get your mouse and get rid of that wrist and back pain associated with “flat” mouse designs.

Best Vertical Mouse Comparison Table

 Anker Vertical Mouse
Evoluent Vertical Mouse3M Ergonomic Mouse
Price rangeBudgetHigh-endMid-range
Ergonomic rating3/55/55/5
Best forModerate use rather than heavy use. Best budget optionHeavy usage. This is a tried and tested design by expertsGood mid-range option in that the design is very ergonomic
ConsHand tends to slip down eventually rather than being supportedHeavy which makes it less ideal for gaming or carrying aroundUnusual joystick style design that may take some getting used to
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Anker review: Is it a good vertical mouse?

Anker is a fairly reliable brand. They were set up by two ex Google employees and are based in the US. Their products are usually at the cheaper end of the market but often have solid Amazon reviews.

Their vertical mouse is good for the price, but is let down by not having a fully tested and patented design – you can see many other similar looking designs on Amazon. It’s recommended for occasional to moderate use, but we found that over time your hand will not keep an ergonomic position despite the shape of the mouse. The other two models in this guide are better at keeping your hand in a vertical “handshake” position for longer periods, and their mice can support the weight of your hand much better.

The Anker is available in both wired and wireless options. It’s also lightweight and would make a good portable model.

Get an Anker Vertical Mouse on Amazon (UK)

Get an Anker Vertical Mouse on Amazon (US)

Evoluent vertical mouse review: Worth the price?

Evoluent have been in the ergonomics space for a long time and have a patent on their design. Ergonomic experts and doctors have given their backing to the design which was developed over many years. This is also why their products have a higher price point.

Evoluent also make the mouse in a variety of different versions including small handed, left hand, right handed, wireless, and more. Their website has a full list of these and I think most are also available on Amazon.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon (UK)

Check prices and reviews on Amazon (US)

Is the 3M Vertical Mouse any good?

I wanted to include another product on this guide to provide a mid-range option. I like the 3M because it’s a little different and is also a patented design that forces your hand into a completely vertical “handshake” position. However the design is not for everyone and can be clunky for certain tasks. The mouse is available in large or small and for both right and left handers.

I started using the ergo mouse 10 or 15 years ago when my finger started hurting from RSI, and have not had a problem since. I recommend it to everyone. All offices should use them.” – Review from 3M’s website

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Wrapping up

Hopefully you found this guide useful. If you have any comments please leave one below, especially if you have bought and used one of the mice above or know of a better model out there.

There are other alternatives to vertical style mouse models – such as trackballs – which I cover in my other ergonomic mouse guide