Swedish Posture Discount Code – Get 20% off

Ergonomic World readers can get 20% off orders from Swedish Posture. This site sells premium Swedish-designed posture correction products, posture T shirts, and posture training equipment.

Swedish Posture promo code:

Use code ergonomicworld.co.uk at checkout and 20% will be taken off your final order. Shipping is free for orders over £75 or £3.95 for smaller orders. They also offer 30-day returns.

Disclaimer: Ergonomic World earns a commission from products sold using this unique discount code.

Top Swedish Posture products

Posture Reminder T Shirt

The Posture Reminder T-shirt has Posture Alignment Technology that prevents you from slouching and reminds you to stand up straight by keeping your shoulders aligned.

Can be used for sport, running, and working out at the gym, as well as for day-to-day wear, at the office or working from home.

Get it at Swedish Posture. Use code ergonomicworld.co.uk for 20% off.

Posture Mini Gym

The posture mini gym offers resistance training on the go as a portable lightweight home gym that can be used to help improve your strength and posture. Full body at home workouts are possible with this mini gym which comes with an exercise guide.

Use for a couple of minutes every day to add movement to your daily life. Great for working from home when even more strain is put on your posture due to lack of physical activity.

Get the Mini Gym here. Use the code ergonomicworld.co.uk at checkout to claim your 20% discount.

Can be combined with another product like a posture corrector for a long-term commitment to your posture and physical fitness. This could also allow you to claim free shipping.

Balance Seat

Balance seats are designed to promote active sitting. By balancing you improve movement and flexibility, excercising your core muscles which are neglected when sitting in regular chair for long periods. Core muscles are key to good posture and this device helps you to develop core strength whilst working.

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