Video: Fix rounded shoulders with these techniques

Below you will find the best videos for techniques on how to improve your posture if you have rounded shoulders.

In addition to these techniques you can try a posture corrector

Be patient & careful

Try out these approaches and be patient, because increasing your strength and reversing years of poor posture takes time. Also make sure you take great care when doing any of these exercises so as not to injure yourself. I can’t stress this enough – especially if moving on to weighted or bodyweight exercise. Here’s some general tips on avoiding injury when exercising

I would also recommend seeing a physiotherapist, especially if you have chronic pain that you think is related to your rounded shoulders. There are also some great physiotherapist-made videos on YouTube. Some of these I have included below. The advantage of booking a one-to-one session is that you will be able to identify your specific issues with your body and you will get guidance so as not to injure yourself

The videos I have selected below are safe

Wall stretches. This exercise trains you to isolate your middle upper back region, which is an area that many people are not even aware of. As I said above, be patient with this one – at first you may not be able to do it at all but over time you can improve your technique and begin to open up these upper back muscles