5 YouTube videos to improve and correct bad posture with regular stretching

This post is a roundup of YouTube videos but will eventually become a more complete resource page. These are professional chiropractors and physiotherapist videos. If you search YouTube you’ll find a lot of non-professional advice and guys with their shirts off so I’ve tried to focus on people who know what they are talking about. […]

Do Posture Correctors Actually Work for Rounded Shoulders? What Scientific Studies & Experts Say

Rounded shoulder posture (RSP)  or slouching forwards is a common habit for office workers and those who use computers on a regular basis. These poor posture behaviours have also been associated with tension and pain in the neck and shoulders (Nejati et al). Posture supports, braces, or posture “correctors” are products designed to encourage better […]

Over half of home workers still don’t have an ergonomic work-from-home office setup

A survey conducted for Ergonomicworld.co.uk found that many home workers are still hunched over laptops and have not taken steps to improve their home office. Working on a laptop, without a second screen, leaning forward and neglecting to take regular breaks can all lead to health issues according to the UK’s Chartered Institute of Ergonomics […]

Best posture corrector bra (UK)

Poor posture, slouching and hunched shoulders are increasingly common habits. A posture corrector bra helps to pull shoulders back whilst also offering extra support. It is a great product for all women who have posture-related ailments. In this guide I have done the research for you, identifying which of these products are best for different […]