Top Black Friday Curved TV Deals UK 2020

Curved TVs are hugely popular item on Black Friday but very few stores actually offer these high-ticket items at reduced prices.

Usually most TV deals on Black Friday are not that special. However, there are a few good deals out there if you know what you’re looking for. Curved TVs are a new technology and come with a high price tag, so Black Friday is a great opportunity to save money if you’re after one, but deals on these are not as common as many other TV deals during cyber week. Below are all the deals we’ve been able to find in 2020 on curved TVs and monitors.

Recap: In 2019 was the only online shop offering discounts on a range of Samsung Curved TVs and many of them sold out.

Retailers offering deals on curved TVs 


I will update the page with more deals as they become available.

My pick for Black Friday TV deals: Currys PC World

Currys is my pick for Black Friday TV deals in general. But they don’t stock curved models at all. Instead they have great offers on OLED models and you get a 1-in-20 chance to win 50% off all OLED tvs on top of Black Friday deals. Go to Currys’ Black Friday TV deals

Best Curved TV Deals in 2020

Samsung 49 inch, Curved Ultra HD, 4K Certified HDR Smart TV


£379 at – £70 discount

Best Curved Monitor Deals in 2020

Amazon currently has four deals on Samsung Curved monitors (not TVs) starting from £149.99. 1000R and 1800R describe the curvature of the screen. Full information can be found on Amazon’s page and products can be compared easily there.

Samsung Curved Computer Monitor

149.99 at Amazon (save £30)


Amazon Curved TV Deals

Currently Amazon does not have deals on Curved TVs only monitors. However there are hundreds of TV deals which you can find on the page here.

Why Buy a Curved TV? Advantages of a Curved TV

  • More immersive viewing experience
  • Increased depth perception
  • Better colours and contrast
  • Ideal for movie fans, sports fans and gamers
  • Unique and cutting edge technology

Cons of curved TVs

  • Reflections can be exagerrated
  • Difficult to hang on the wall
  • Need a bigger TV than usual to get the full benefit
  • Reduced viewing angles
  • Best position for quality is sitting dead centre

Are curved TVs all they’re hyped up to be?

Some TV reviewers have suggested that curved TVs are not worth the hype. While curved gaming monitors can provide an immersive experience for gaming, TVs suffer from issues such as distracting reflections, impracticality and the need for a much bigger TV to get the benefit.

With that in mind, it may be a better option to get a high-quality 4k flatscreen TV instead, of which there are a whole range of deals available on Black Friday.

The Best (non curved) Black Friday TV Deals

SAMSUNG’s The Frame

Smart Full HD HDR QLED TV with Bixby, Alexa & Google Assistant (various sizes)

This stylish statement TV is available at Currys in a range of sizes. the 65″ is £1499 reduced by £400! You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else, and if you do you can request Currys price match it.

Buy it at Currys