Best posture corrector bra (UK)

Poor posture, slouching and hunched shoulders are increasingly common habits. A posture corrector bra helps to pull shoulders back whilst also offering extra support. It is a great product for all women who have posture-related ailments.

In this guide I have done the research for you, identifying which of these products are best for different needs.

Delimira Women’s Full Coverage Posture Bra

Affordable with good Amazon reviews

This front-closing posture bra is the cheapest option that offers posture correction support via an x-shaped back reinforcement design. It is wire free, non-padded, has adjustable straps, and is made from 81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane. It is a popular choice with over 2000 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4/5 stars.

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Leonisa PowerSlim Posture Bra

Versatile and high quality product from Leonisa

The Leonisa wireless bra is multifunctional. It provides back support to help with posture as well as providing full coverage, compression and support using PowerSlim fabric to streamline your silhouette and provides . It is front closing, wireless, and straps are adjustable. This is the third generation of this product which has been tweaked and perfected using different materials and design by Leonisa who specialise in these types of bras.

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Swiss-design Sankom bamboo Posture Bra

Mid-price all-rounder with unique design

Sankom is a slightly more unique design than the bras above. It claims to be the first and only bra that “uses natural weight of the breasts to pull shoulders backwards, straightening the back, while simultaneously giving an amazing push up effect”. Invented by Dr Mazourik in Switzerland, the patented design is made with a breathable bamboo material.

The price of these are much higher on the Sankom website ($100!) than on Amazon.

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Posture bras vs posture correctors

Another wearable product for correcting posture is a posture corrector. While posture bras are more discrete and comfortable, posture correctors are designed to pull shoulders back and prevent slouching and hunched shoulders. Posture correctors are not generally worn all day long, just for short periods when needed such as for a few hours while working on your laptop or even when out running or walking. Posture bras on the other hand can be worn throughout the day, but may offer less posture support. You can read our posture correctors guide here.