Are you a sloucher, slumper or huncher? You’re not the only one. Slouching and bad posture are increasingly common due to working from home and long hours on laptops or smartphones. Poor posture can also lead to aches, pains and even chronic back, shoulder and neck pain if the issue is not corrected.

A posture corrector brace or posture reminder device can be a quick way to fix bad posture habits and improve your posture.

This guide provides a summary of the best posture correctors for different needs and budgets, what to look for in a posture support, and how to use one to really see an improvement to your posture.

Quick Pick: The Top Posture Brace

Best for quality, design and level of postural support

The Bad Back Company Posture Support

Only the beige colour available on Amazon. This colour is less visible and is ideal for wearing under clothes.

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This posture corrector is the top pick because of the superior quality and support it offers. Unlike many cheaper products it combines comfort with maximum postural support. It is designed by a Swedish back-pain expert and further endorsed by the only UK supplier The Bad Back Company – also experts in back pain and posture!

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What is a posture corrector?

There are a few different types of posture corrector:

  • Posture corrector braces: Straps that hold shoulders back (some also have lumbar support)
  • Smart posture devices: Wearable smart posture detectors / apps like Upright
  • Posture support bras: Bras with additional posture support
  • Posture shirts: T-shirts with posture support included

A posture corrector brace is the most commonly used product. This is a wearable brace that pulls back the shoulders to “correct” rounded shoulder posture. By pulling the shoulders back, the device opens up the chest and ideally encourages a curvature of the spine so that the user is sitting or standing with “good” posture.

A posture brace (Gearari)

Rounded shoulders (slouching, hunching) often happens due to long hours spent working at a computer (or worse, a laptop) as well as due to other habits such as smartphone use, sleeping position or how we watch TV.

Rounded shoulders. Notice also the lower back (lumbar) curve when slouching.

Good posture means that the head, shoulders and lower back are in alignment whereas rounded shoulders means that the head is forward. A posture corrector is designed to encourage a neutral, aligned spine by pulling back the shoulders. This also encourages the wearer to bring back the head, tuck the chin, and also stand or sit with a slight curve in the lower back, creating an “s” shaped spine rather than a rounded “c” shape with a flat back.

How do they work?

According to osteopath Tim Everett, posture supports help “teach your muscles and spine to keep in the correct natural postural alignment and by wearing a posture correction device it will help lengthen shortened muscles and strengthen weakened muscles” (Source).

Some studies suggest that when combined with stretches (in particular stretching the pectorals and chest) a posture support can help to reduce slouching and associated aches and pains that result from long periods of sitting slouched at a desk. More information about stretching and links to useful YouTube videos.

How to use a posture corrector properly

  • Do: Use it regularly
  • Do: Combine with a routine of exercises and stretches to strengthen your posture-supporting muscles
  • Do: Make sure you move around during the day and adjust your position as well as adjusting your posture support
  • Don’t: Wear it too tightly so it completely restricts movement for long periods
  • Don’t: Just rely on the posture support to do all the work – make time to work on exercise and stretches too

Resource: The Complete Guide to Perfecting Your Posture (PDF)

The Bad Back Company has produced a pdf e-book on how to use a posture support in conjunction with stretching and exercise to help your posture. Plus it includes a 20-day posture routine which combines stretching and daily use of the posture brace.

The price is £5.99 but you can get 10% off that with code ERGO10.

Get the Perfecting Your Posture e-book.

Full List: The Best Posture Corrector Braces & Devices

1. Bad Back Company Posture Brace

FREE first class delivery – use code ERGO at checkout

(get free first-class delivery with code ergo)

  • Osteopath recommended by the “pain guru” Tim Everett, owner of The Bad Back Company
  • Superior comfort – no chafing under arms
  • Better support using a strap around the lower back to pull back shoulders and push out the chest
  • Swedish design
  • An average 5-star review rating from 95 real customers at (beware of fake reviews on larger sites)

2. Swedish Posture Flexi Corrector

20% OFF (Use code

Swedish Posture’s Flexi Corrector is a minimal simple design. The adjustable posture strap can be easily carried in your bag or pocket, can be worn under clothes (though over an undershirt is more comfortable).

Price: £37.00 (plus 20% off with code

  • Simple design
  • Lightweight, minimal, adjustable
  • Different sizes available to ensure proper fit and comfort
  • Elasticated material provides support while allowing movement
  • 60 days moneyback guarantee
  • Free UK delivery
  • 20% discount – Use code at checkout

3. Avidda Posture Corrector

Breathable lightweight x-strap design offers extra support

  • Offers extra postural support for shoulders and lumbar
  • Steel support plate
  • 4 different sizes available for comfort
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • No chafing under arms!

4. Gearari Posture Support

Best cheap option

Amazon’s best selling posture corrector with 27,000 + positive reviews

  • 1 size
  • Adjustable
  • Low price point
  • Made in China
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • FDA approved

5. Upright Go 2 Posture Device 

The hi-tech wearable reminder and smartphone app.

An innovative approach to fixing bad habits, the Upright Go detects when users slouch, then reminds them to sit up straight. Hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and Trustpilot and boasting 600,000 users, this is an interesting option for those who are keen to fix their bad habits. The price also includes access to the app which provides users with a stretching and strength routine to improve your posture.

6. Posture Reminder T Shirt by Swedish Posture

Perfect for encouraging good posture when exercising. Ideal for runners


The Posture Reminder T-shirt has alignment technology that prevents slouching. Ideal for runners as slouching when running puts extra weight on each stride while running with good posture is much more efficient.

7. Delmira Support Bra

Best posture support bra

The Delmira Back Support Bra provides posture support in a similar manner to the way in which posture braces work. This is the best posture support bra on Amazon but there are a range of other similar products.

  • X-shape back for back support
  • Front hook and eye closure
  • Hook and Eye Fastening
  • Adjustable straps
  • Wirefree, non-padded

More about posture correctors

The benefits of using a posture corrector

Posture correctors are often recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths as a supplementary solution as part of a broader program of treatment.

The benefits of using a posture corrector as a supplementary treatment for poor posture are:

  • Immediate posture improvement
  • Relieves strain on back and shoulders (so can relieve pain that goes with it)
  • Act as a postural reminder
  • Can be worn sitting or standing (and under clothing) while at work or when using your computer

If you have common postural problems like rounded shoulders or slouching then exercise is also an important way to improve your posture by strengthening your weak back, core and shoulder muscles. See the section below for how to incorporate an exercise routine into your day using resistance bands.

Problems with cheap posture correctors

The following problems have been reported in relation to some of the cheap posture correctors available on Amazon. In this guide we recommend higher price items that are of higher quality so as to prevent you wasting your money on a cheaper model that leads to discomfort.

  • Chafing
  • Too loose or tight fit
  • Cheap materials
  • Bulky poor quality design

Read the details below carefully to decide which posture corrector is best for your needs. The first in the list is the Bad Back Company support which is our top pick and the best quality posture corrector available offering full upper body support whilst still being comfortable.

NHS advice on posture and back pain

The NHS website says: “If you have back pain, improving your posture is unlikely to address the root cause of your pain, but it may help alleviate muscle tension.”

A posture corrector is a great way to immediately alleviate tension. You will also become aware of how you can counteract your bad posture. But you should combine it with a more long-term commitment to improve your poor posture.

Combine a posture corrector and posture exercise routine for a long-term fix

Use the Swedish Posture mini gym to strengthen back and core muscles that are key to good posture (use code “” at checkout to get 20% off).

Posture correctors work well to correct your posture, but to alleviate slouching and poor posture long term exercise is the best remedy.

Many of us do not use our back, shoulder and core muscles enough which is why our posture worsens over time. To fix this it is important to use these muscles regularly and rebuild the strength in our back, core and shoulders. One easy to use all-in-one solution is the posture mini gym sold by Swedish Posture which includes a complete workout kit for postural strength as well as tutorials and informational material. The kit includes resistance bands, a telescope bar and a door hook so you can do commonly recommended posture exercises at home instead of having to go to a gym.

Get the mini gym from Swedish Posture here and use code “” at checkout to get 20% off