The Best Posture Corrector Braces (UK) for Slouching and Rounded Shoulders

If you suffer from poor posture such as slouching and rounded shoulders then a posture corrector can be a huge benefit.  Posture correctors are products that support an upright, natural position and can alleviate symptoms of bad posture like neck pain and back pain.

Poor posture often is a result of long hours spent sitting down at a computer or hunched over a smartphone and is becoming an increasingly common complaint, leading to back and neck pain. Posture problems do not go away unless something is done about them and risk getting worse over time.

How do posture correctors work?

Posture correctors work by gently pulling your shoulders back and act as a corrective to sloucing and forward rounded shoulders. They are also elasticated and allow you to move around naturally but will resist your tendency to slouch and hunch over. They are to be used for short periods whilst standing and sitting, can often be worn under clothes, and are recommended by osteopaths for those with poor posture.

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Quick picks: The best posture correctors

Don’t have time to read the full guide? These are the best posture correctors available online that you can buy today.

Top pick

Bad Back Company Posture Support

Price: £41.99

  • Osteopath recommended
  • Superior comfort and level of support to other products
  • Swedish design

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Amazon top pick

BACK Posture Support

Price: £37.98 (eligible for free delivery with Amazon prime)

  • Approved by London Spine Clinic
  • Better quality than other Amazon posture correctors
  • Discrete and lightweight
  • Amazon Prime eligible
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Benefits of using a posture corrector

Posture correctors are often recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths as a supplementary solution as part of a broader program of treatment.

The benefits of using a posture corrector as a supplementary treatment for poor posture are:

  • Immediate posture improvement
  • Relieves strain on back and shoulders (so can relieve pain that goes with it)
  • Act as a postural reminder
  • Can be worn sitting or standing (and under clothing) while at work or when using your computer

If you have common postural problems like rounded shoulders or slouching then exercise is also an important way to improve your posture by strengthening your weak back, core and shoulder muscles. See the section below for how to incorporate an exercise routine into your day using resistance bands.

Problems with cheap posture correctors

The following problems have been reported in relation to some of the cheap posture correctors available on Amazon. In this guide we recommend higher price items that are of higher quality so as to prevent you wasting your money on a cheaper model that leads to discomfort.

  • Chafing
  • Too loose or tight fit
  • Cheap materials
  • Bulky poor quality design

Read the details below carefully to decide which posture corrector is best for your needs. The first in the list is the Bad Back Company support which is our top pick and the best quality posture corrector available offering full upper body support whilst still being comfortable.

Best Posture Correctors

Bad Back Company Posture Support


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The Bad Back Company are a specialised UK-based provider of products relating to posture and ergonomics set up by osteopath Tim Everett. Their posture support brace offers greater level of support for shoulders and lower back while still being comfortable. Despite offering additional support the design is still discrete wearable under clothes.

Price: £41.99 (get free first-class delivery with code ergo)

Key points

  • Swedish Design, tested and recommended by osteopath experts at The Bad Back Company
  • Supports lower back (lumbar support) as well as shoulders – key to proper postural alignment
  • Comfortable material and no chafing under arms
  • Unisex
  • Moneyback guarantee – 30 days
  • Discounted by 16%
  • Save additional £4.48 – Enter code ERGO in HCP code box at checkout to receive FREE FIRST CLASS DELIVERY
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Swedish Posture Flexi Corrector

 20% OFF  (Use code

Swedish Posture’s Flexi Corrector is more of a minimal design than the Bad Back Company product above. This makes it more compact and easier to carry around with you. It doesn’t offer the same level of support as the Bad Back Company support but does hold your shoulders back with an adjustable strap and breathable flexible material. It can be worn over or underneath clothing (or over an undershirt to prevent chafing). Plus, you get 20% if you use the code “” at their checkout

Price: £37.00 (plus 20% off with code

Key points

  • Quality design
  • Lightweight, minimal, adjustable
  • Different sizes available to ensure proper fit and comfort
  • Elasticated material provides support while allowing movement
  • 60 days moneyback guarantee
  • Free UK delivery
  • 20% discount – Use code at checkout
Buy it here

BACK Posture Hero Corrector

Best quality posture corrector on Amazon

The BACK Posture Hero corrector is a quality product available on Amazon (also stocked by Boots stores across the UK). It has been developed by back care experts and is approved by the London Spine Clinic and the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.). Comfort is a key factor with posture correctors and the Posture Hero is designed for added comfort with breathable, lightweight material and a soft-feel material used on the more rigid component at the back. Like the Bad Back Company product it also is designed to avoid chafing under the arms but one Amazon reviewer has reported chafing (in general reviews are very positive).

Price: £37.98 (eligible for free delivery with Amazon prime)

Key points

  • Quality product: FDA and London Spine Clinic (Harley Street) approved
  • Comfortable: breathable, soft-feel spine component, less chafing than more minimal posture correctors, lightweight
  • Discreet design won’t be noticed under clothes
  • 30 day moneyback or replacement guarantee

Price range: ££

Buy it here

Modetro Posture Corrector

Best budget option on Amazon, with good reviews

The Modetro brace is Amazon’s bestselling posture corrector brace and is cheaper than the Swedish Posture option. It is designed to pull your shoulders back with adjustable straps and is clipped on at the front for ease of use. Unlike the Swedish Posture Flexi, it is more of a fixed brace with adjustable straps so does not have as much flexibility. This means extra support but restricts your range of movement.

Price: £14.97

Buy it here

Upright Posture Device

The hi-tech wearable reminder

As I said in the introduction to this guide, posture correctors are designed to nudge you away from your poor posture habits such as slouching. This device is designed to do exactly that without the use of straps or providing any physical support. Instead the wearable device detects when your posture begins to drop. For example, as you slowly become more hunched over at your computer or laptop when writing a long email the device will beep and notify you that you need to sit up straight.

Price: £69.99

Buy it here

Nazrom Minimal Posture Corrector

Minimal design and won’t be noticed under a shirt

The Nazrom is a lightweight and discrete design that incorporates flexibility like the aforementioned Swedish Posture Flexi. It can be worn over an undershirt and is designed for comfort

Some Amazon reviewers report that if you are active it can move around and ride up but if you are using it when just sitting and not doing too much activity then this is less of an issue.

Price: £13.99

Buy it here

Delmira Support Bra

Best posture bra

Another slightly different product that you may not be aware of. The Delmira Back Support Bra provides back support in a similar manner to the way in which posture braces work.

Price: £17.99

Buy it here

For more posture support bras read our guide to the best posture corrector bras.

Combine a posture corrector and posture exercise routine for a long-term fix

Use the Swedish Posture mini gym to strengthen back and core muscles that are key to good posture (use code “” at checkout to get 20% off).

Posture correctors work well to correct your posture, but to alleviate slouching and poor posture long term exercise is the best remedy.

Many of us do not use our back, shoulder and core muscles enough which is why our posture worsens over time. To fix this it is important to use these muscles regularly and rebuild the strength in our back, core and shoulders. One easy to use all-in-one solution is the posture mini gym sold by Swedish Posture which includes a complete workout kit for postural strength as well as tutorials and informational material. The kit includes resistance bands, a telescope bar and a door hook so you can do commonly recommended posture exercises at home instead of having to go to a gym.

Get the mini gym from Swedish Posture here and use code “” at checkout to get 20% off