Best Ergonomic Mouse for Small Hands (UK)

Non-ergonomic mouse designs can cause wrist, arm and shoulder pain

A common problem with ergonomic mouse designs is that the standard design is too big for small hands. If you have small hands then you need a smaller model or you’re just going to end up uncomfortable – i.e. not getting any of the benefit of your ergonomic product. There are a number of smaller mouse designs for those with small hands and I’ve rounded up what I think are the best ones in the table below.

The three designs below are quite different and can suit different people with different needs. If you have shoulder or back pain then it may be that a trackball is better, while a vertical mouse might help with wrist pain. However, that is by no means a strict rule and it may be worth trying out different ones

 Kensington Orbit Trackball MouseEvoluent Small Size Vertical Mouse3M Small Ergonomic Joystick Mouse
Price rangeCheapestMost expensiveMid-range
Ergonomic comfort rating5/55/55/5
Best forTrackball means you can use anywhere, even in bed or on the couchThe original vertical mouse designed by ergonomic expertsPatented joystick design keeps wrist in a neutral position
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Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse Review for Small Hands

Trackball mice have the advantage of not being fitted to a hand size so many of them can be used by those with small hands as long as the buttons are within reach of the trackball.

The benefits of this mouse for ergonomics is that you no longer have to move your arm and instead can just move your fingers and hand reducing the strain on your wrist, arm, shoulder that often lead to pain and discomfort for regular mouse users.

Another benefit of the trackball is that the mouse stays put on your desk, so saves space. This means you can even use it on the couch or in bed since it doesn’t require a big flat surface to move around on.

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Evoluent Vertical Mouse for Small Hands

Evoluent are the originators of the vertical mouse design. Their design was developed over many years by ergonomic experts.

The benefits of this mouse is that it works very much like a regular mouse (unlike the other two products in this guide) so is easy to get used to. Evoluent have made this model smaller for small hands but otherwise it is identical to their other models.

It comes in both right and left handed models, as well as being available as a wireless or wired mouse.

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3M Vertical Joystick Mouse for Small Hands

Like Evoluent, 3M have their own patented design of vertical mouse and it is available as a small model.

The benefits of the 3M is that it really does force you to keep your hand in a neutral position. If you buy the Evoluent but find it isn’t quite right for you then I’d suggest returning it and trying this out as an alternative. It isn’t as familiar feeling as the Evoluent – you click with your thumb.
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Wrap up

So that’s a quick guide to ergonomic mice for small hands but I hope it helps you find a mouse. If you purchase a mouse and it works for you let me know in the comments below. Likewise if it doesn’t, but return the mouse and try out another from the 3 above. Different users have different needs and different reasons for discomfort so it may be a good idea to try out all three designs and then stick to one or two of them.