5 Tips To Avoid Gamer’s Neck & Back Pain for PC Gamers

Do this lower back workout every day

This workout is excellent for strengthening the muscles in your lower back. However, BE WARNED, as a complete beginner you may injure yourself when first starting out so it might be worth trying this video to begin with

Buy a foam roller

These things are cheap, just buy one. They help to stretch your spine and upper back and reverse the effects of slouching and bad posture. Here is a bunch of techniques you can use with the foam roller to provide relief for different types of back pain.

Adjust your chair!

This depends where you feel pain but there are adjustments for both lower and upper back pain issues

Forward tilt — Adjusting this widens the angle of your thighs and trunk, this creates a lordotic curve in the spine and reduces the pressure on your spinal discs.

Backrest angle — Adjusting this allows the chair to recline, which transfers upper body weight into the back of the chair, reducing the pressure on your lower back region. Adjusting the backrest will also widen the angle between your torso & thighs, causing your lower back to curve inwards. This results in less pressure on your spinal discs.

You should adjust the settings on your chair so your feet are firmly flat on the floor in front of you, and your elbows rest at ninety degrees to your keyboard. If your feet are flat, but your elbows do are not ninety degrees to your keyboard, you should consider getting a footrest to solve this

Chair doesn’t tilt? Then there’s your problem. You may need a new chair.

See a physio or posture expert

I’m not one and you’re reading my advice right now so you obviously looking for a solution to some back pain or discomfort. Do yourself a favour and seek professional help with it. You’re worth it man! Just tell the doc how accurate your aim in CS 1.6 used to be before this damned back pain started up

Stand up

Yep, standing up can help too. Standing desk even? Ok, not popular in the gaming world but seriously if you’re spending that many hours at the computer this kind of thing can really help