Best Posture Corrector Brace for Slouching & Rounded Shoulders

Are you sitting comfortably? With good posture? Sitting at a desk all day easily leads to bad posture, slouching and rounded shoulders because human’s aren’t designed for this sedentary lifestyle.

A posture corrector can help to undo these bad habits and bad ergonomics. It is an immediate way to improve your slouched posture and alleviate aches and pains

However, I would also suggest doing posture correction exercises and strengthening your underused back and shoulder muscles to compliment using a posture brace – more below

What is a posture brace?

Posture corrector braces are designed to provide extra support for your back muscles. They pull your shoulders back, keeping them from slouching forward and preventing a rounded shoulders and slouching. This takes strain off your spine and other areas

Do posture braces work?

Yes, they work for short term relief from pain and as a quick corrector to bad posture. They also help to form a habit of holding your shoulders back. However – you don’t want to become reliant on the posture brace so that it replaces your shoulder and back muslces, which is why you need to do posture correction exercises

Posture correction exercises

For long term improved posture and relief from aches and pains, you should also be focusing on strengthening your back muscles and doing posture correction exercises. This is a great video for posture correction exercises that can be performed easily on a daily or weekly basis:

But don’t overthink this! As he says in the video the most important thing is frequency and consistency. Even if you only do one exercise – e.g. the wall slides – then that is 100% better than doing nothing

Best posture braces

Below is a guide to the best posture braces available in the UK. This is UK only because the US have different brands. You can find a guide to US brands here.

Best all-rounder

Modetro Posture Corrector

The Modetro brace is Amazon’s bestselling back brace. It is designed to pull your shoulders back with adjustable straps and is clipped on at the front for ease of use.

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Best non-brace

Upright Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

OK so I’ve thrown in a different type of posture corrector here for the sake of variety. This is not a posture brace but a smart wearable device that will notify you if your posture slips

Why is it better than a brace?

Braces actually take the place of your muscles by forcing you to hold your shoulders back and keep your posture. As a result you can potentially become reliant on the brace and neglect to strengthen your muscles and improve posture.

This product will act as a personal posture assistant, detecting when you slouch and notifying you when you need to adjust your posture. The app also includes a personal training program and is recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists

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Best for wearing under clothes

Nazrom Discreet Design Posture Corrector

The Nazrom is the most lightweight and discrete design available and has excellent customer reviews. It can be worn over an undershirt (or you can try without but that may be uncomfortable for all day wear)

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Best posture corrector bra

Delmira Back Support Bra

Another slightly different product that you may not be aware of. This bra provides back support in a similar manner to the way in which posture braces work

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